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Real Horror Stories - Ultimate edition
Get the Ultimate edition on Steam with additional 6 levels and all upgraded graphics for HD! Relive the hellish nightmare...

The Horror Report: Criminals
Serial killers and their killings... Have you ever wondered about them? Were you ever curious about what made them commit these crimes? Unless you... think just like them!
Movie House: The Haunting
Movie House: The Haunting is the name of the new game, currently in development by GameORE.

The Horror Report: Criminals
Our new game, The Horror Report: Criminals is available for download for free!
Get it now on Google Play and soon for your iOS devices...
The Horror Report update
We are deep into the production of our new quiz, The Horror Report: Criminals.
This is quiz-like game about real-life serial killers. This will be fun!
Some GameORE statistics
Since its release, Real Horror Stories: Ultimate edition has been downloaded more than 60.000 times! Amazing! Also, we have crossed the 200.000 downloads milestone on Google Play...
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